Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is not hunger.
That gnawing,
Emptiness that seeks
To be satiated, then forgotten.
Though hunger, I feel.
This is not thirsting.
That pleading,
Quality that calls
For quenching, and is relieved.
Though thirsting, I understand.
This is not lust.
That pulsing,
Longing that pleads
Release, and is replete.
Though lusting, I have realized.
This is not affection.
That beckoning,
Infatuation, that signals
Tenderness and may be withdrawn.
Though affection, I have realized.
This is deeper, truer, than any of those.
This embodies all I feel,
All I am.
This is a wanting that is never exhausted.
This is an unbroken inclination to seek your heart,
Your soul,
Your very being.
This is devotion to a new history.
This is an aspiration to a better, brighter, existence.
This is devotion to a nascent reality that can only be brought forth
By your hand
Holding mine,
And walking the path of life together.
This is desire.
This is love.

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