Sunday, October 25, 2015

Musing On Moving

Brats and burgers and various brews
Boxes surrounding the sink
Across the room you wink
Causing me to rejoice and think
Of the difference in my views.

Good friends gathered a friend to assist
Laughing and gay are we all
Eager to answer with help the call
Stacking everything straight and tall
Relentlessly we persist.

Holding a baby I watch you smile
My thoughts begin to stray
Wondering about the day
For which we hope and pray
And for which we wait awhile

Newfound hope has arisen in me
My life is begun anew
In the surprising discovery of you
Of the future a dream renewed
Of the Me becoming a We

Someday we'll find our lives renewed
A space in this world we'll own
Together our lives will be sown
Never again to be alone
Having burgers and brats and various brews.

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