Monday, October 19, 2015

The Ride

Red head thrust forth
As if to sweep in the whole,
Ears back in the breeze,
Hair dancing like leaves in autumn's farewell,
She grins
In joy.
Teeth bared,
Lips flapping like wrinkled,
Elderly underarms.
Such joy!
Such unencumbered happiness!
Torso balanced by stiffened elbows
Holding tight to the window ledge,
A climber clinging to a narrow projection,
Pummeled at every toss of the gale,
She revels,
Poised in the moment.
Such anticipation!
Such savoring!
This is the revelation of what it means
To take a ride!
This is the glory of endless now.
This is the dance of the road.
This is my dog!

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