Friday, October 16, 2015

Celebrating The Unexceptional

Too much we dream
Of the exceptional,
The distinctive,
The remarkable.
We predicate the framework of relationships
On the unusual.
The unending flow of passion,
Only by the sweetness of constant accord
Is all too often our standard.
Romeo and Juliet surely never dealt
With bad breath,
With bad debt,
With bad moods.
Truly though,
Shouldn't the security of relationship
Be founded instead in the mundane?
Shouldn't the safety net of entanglement
Be built
On the conventional, the expected, the accustomed?
Dirty dishes,
Mowing the grass,
Reading side by side,
Shopping for groceries and socks,
Silent coffee in the morning,
May be prosaic, conventional,
But it is in the commonness of the commonplace
That lives are truly entwined.
I treasure the engraved foil cards of Valentines Day,
I live for the joy of the unexceptional with you.
I want the orthodoxy of the habitual with you.
Come fold clothes with me and be my love.

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